the girl with the map tattoo

Currently in: Bali | Next stop: Singapore | After that: …?


Hello! I’m Sarah, also known as the girl with the map tattoo. I also answer to Kansas, or Sas, or Sar. If you spot me in some far flung destination, I hope you’ll say hi. I’m a solo female traveller, and in a lot of places, that’s a tough thing to be. Say hi. Bring me up to speed on your latest travels. We’ll go for a hike, and then a beer, and soon we’ll be best friends. I don’t have enough friends scattered around the globe.

Speaking of globes, you probably want to know about my tattoo. Well… let’s just say its the one map that I always have with me.

You also might wonder what I do for a living. Right now, I’m a writer. Soon, I’ll be a travel consultant. Thinking of taking a trip somewhere? I hope you’ll consider me as your travel agent. I create one of a kind custom itineraries for luxury travellers with an adventurous streak. Read my Go Fund Me page for details. I despise asking people for money, but I am kick starting my business.

Ask Me Anything.

I think that’s about it… anything else you want to know, click the menu above. You can read more about me, find posts about New Zealand, learn about being an expat and a solo female traveller, and check out my various city guides.

Happy to have you on the adventure. Ready to go?!